Kenneth Lever killed his ex-wife, her sister and brother-in-law in Alabama, then fled to Florida where he shot himself.

The Florida man who gunned down his ex-wife and two others later shot himself hours after the the planned out attack on her family.

Kenneth Dion Lever took his own life in a Pensacola parking lot as police closed in on him.

He’d returned to Escambia County, Fla., and met with a minister after gunning down ex-wife Dana Lever; her sister, Bonnie Reeves Foshee; and her brother-in-law, Don Foshee at a mobile home in northern Alabama.

“It was obvious it was a well-thought-out plan,” Gardendale police Lt. Bryan Lynch told “He came for that reason. We don’t know if he was targeting all three, or if that’s just how it happened.”

Lever’s 11-year-old daughter, living with Dana Lever, witnessed the gruesome shooting, but was able to escape.

Don, left, and Bonnie Foshee were picking up Dana Lever when her ex-husband ambushed them.

“She did see enough to know what happened and then she ran to a neighbor’s house,” Lynch told the news website. “So we knew very quickly who the suspect was.”

Lever, 52, ambushed the four at his ex-wife’s mobile home in Gardendale as they prepared to leave for a trip.

He then fled the scene in one of the victim’s cars, sparking a rapid manhunt.

Lever made his way to the red Nissan he’d rented back in Florida, and made his way back to the state, reported.

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