Welcome to Mobile AL folks, and you are in for a treat. These three restaurants in Mobile are sure to delight. Now, I have a thing I have been doing lately when I talk about the top restaurants in a city. I give you three, and at the end, I provide you with my pick out of those three. What’s fun is if you enjoy reading about them, make your pick, and see if it matches mine.

Okay, so this restaurant that is coming up first is a good one. Could it be the one? Remember, you can certainly visit all three, but pick one that sounds like the best to you. Panini Pete’s is the name, and it is on Dauphin Street. Also, have you heard of a muffaletta? It is a huge sandwich, and they are delish. Paninis in general are delicious. That is certainly a good pick for a top establishment, but what’s up next?

The Royal Scam is next, and what a perplexing name, don’t you think? It is on South Royal Street, and burgers, fish tacos and crab cakes make the menu highlights. One of the reviewers mentions that The Royal Scam has a unique menu, and that is always good news. It kind of seems like there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Now let’s stop by Big Time Diner, and it is on Cottage Hill Road. A couple things that are served here are chicken tenders and fries fish. Looking a little further, you will see turnip greens, gumbo and much more. You might not really think much about turnip greens and gumbo, but that’s not really the point. The point is that those two dishes signify that this restaurant serves up soul food. Alright, which one did you choose? I don’t typically vote against soul food, so I’m going with Big Time Diner if I were to choose a place to eat first in Mobile AL.